Westin Kierland Wedding Film

Westin Kierland Wedding

Westin Kierland Wedding

Westin Kierland Wedding

Ben and Holly’s Westin Kierland Wedding was breathtaking! The strength of their love shined throughout their whole wedding day. The amount of love and support not only for each other but from their family and friends was beautiful! Their highlight film reflects their stunning wedding!


The ceremony took place in Marshall’s Outpost Lawn at the Westin Kierland Resort. With its expansive lawn set in a lush natural environment it made for a perfect ceremony site.

Their family and friends gathered to join Ben and Holly in becoming husband and wife. Their ceremony was based around their love for each other and God as they had their pastor officiate. One of our favorite parts in Holly’s vows to Ben was when she said, “I gave my heart to God and he gave it to you”. Which is a perfect example of how strong their love is for one another.

Once they were pronounced as Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, they sealed the ceremony with a kiss!


The reception was decorated with beautiful white and silver detailing. Along with Disney characters on each table. We love how their personalities reflected on their reception.

Once the marriage license was signed, Holly and Ben took their first dance as husband and wife. As they danced, the passion in their eyes was undeniable. We captured every second of it and loved being able to incorporate their passion for each other into their highlight film.

Holly and Ben’s wedding was full of love, family and friends! We had a blast capturing every moment of their special day and making a film that they could look back on forever! Congrats Holly and Ben!






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